Rachel believes that every project begins with a curious mind — a tiny spark that spurs her to create wonderful experiences and relay her thoughts. A creative thinker, explorer and experimentalist at heart, she enjoys taking ideas to fruition in an unconventional and entertaining way.

Fuelled with her passion, she constantly seeks to redefine the boundaries of design, her expanding repertoire ranges from print, web and products with a strong emphasis in typography and vector. Someday, she would love to design products that better the lives of people and keep them happy.

Avaliable for freelance, collaborations, commissions or to simply say hello!

Features & Accolades

Pan Delights Cafe & Bistro, New Grids 2014
Pan Delights Cafe & Bistro 2014, The Art Of the Menu Underconsideration
Crowbar Awards 2013, Bronze in Corporate Identity & Branding
Singapore Noise Festival Showcase 2013 (Open Category)
The Book Design Blog 2013
Crowbar Awards 2012, Silver in Editorial Design
Terroir Magazine 2012, Magazine Library Tokyo
Terroir Magazine 2011, For Print Only (FPO) Underconsideration
Actually 8th Signature 2012, Bag Carrier
Pameran Poskad 2012
Shapeshifters 3 Collaboration 2011
Culturepush 2011
Typographicposters 2011
Feedgeeks 2011


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