Serving and drinking of wine is typically used as a symbolic toast to celebrate a joyous occasion or as a gesture of appreciation. Favour was created to capture golden moments and make giving tangible, as the word means to show support or liking for someone or something.

Inspiration for the branding and packaging of FAVOUR was drawn from the long lost tradition of stuffing messages in bottles that people threw into the sea with hope that their loved ones would receive it. This also inspired a dual approach to the concept of wine bottles.

The logo is  a marriage between the distinct personalities of elegance and simplicity was sought to convey the appeal of timelessness and capture the essence of a multitude of flavours.

The script typography is customised and designed such that the message can be read and completed when two bottles are placed side by side. An emphasis is placed on numeric dates to mark and commemorate a special occasion. These unique attributes serve as an expression of emotional qualities, appreciation as well as a forge in companionship among the people who share this joy.

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image-03 image-02 image-01



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