Pan Delights Cafe & Bistro

Pan Delights Cafe and Bistro is a new self-authored young, chic cafe located in the heartlands of Bukit Merah that offers hot European favorites, coffee, bar snacks and beer. The bistro is run by a pair who has a passion and strong interest in gastronomy. Both aims to serve quality food and to create a homely atmosphere. Pan Delights is an affordable place to celebrate joyful occasions and to live for a balanced and intentional lifestyle. Despite being in one of the “ageing” neighbourhoods in Singapore, Pan Delights aspires to unite good gastronomy and create small gatherings that are joyful and memorable . This inspired the logo, with a circle element that embodies the meaning of one being continuously “united” as a whole. It is simple with very little superfluous detail and a focus on communication that feels appropriate for a modern cafe market. To retain a classic sense, this was achieved by the use of serif typeface. Chronicle display was chosen to accent the logo for its timeless form and to reinforce the brand’s bond with a European cuisine. Presentation-01Presentation-02Presentation-03123456121391011


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