The Blue Hour 2013

Crowbar Awards 2013 Bronze (Corporate Identity & Branding) Category

The Blue Hour is a project that recognizes our addictive behaviour towards computer screens/technological devices and the possible long term health effects. It emphasizes the importance of being self-conscious of separating work and personal time  by going off-screen. The objective of this project is to encourage a culture of offline/off-screen rest through the contemplation of the colour blue through the forms of cultivating good daily habits and practices.

Brand Story

Blue was derived from the idea of colours as a communicative medium to influence and create positive feelings to people. It poses a challenge to be more than surface decoration and is scientifically proven to create calming effects on the mind and body. In nature, sky blue relates to symbols of the sky and the sea. It represents the state of being calm, peaceful and untroubled: “An Oasis of Serenity”. The perspective of blue involves using immersive spaces, light and colour to impart a more relaxing feel to the surrounding. This creates a visual connection that hopes to capture the experience and promote the message within individuals

Brand Values

Base on the objective, the identity of the blue hour should appeal to people as fun and engaging, little initiatives that are taken to suite their schedule.

The identity of the blue hour is labelled as contemporary, trusted with carefully considered visual language. Target audience must be able to associate themselves with the brand at all times.

This refers to the aesthetics of the label which blends rough and soft design elements.

Social Media

As part of driving the brand to awareness, the communication channels engaged would primarily be social media such as twitter, instagram and facebook. It will form a part of the brand strategy as we expect the targeted group to be extremely internet-savvy.

Facebook would be actively used as a channel for sharing and posting images of people consuming different forms of breaks during work. Also for the announcement of news and various activities. It would also allow people to preview related merchandise and allow feedbacks.

Using twitter to provide flash news to users who sign up for updates.

Final Deliverables:
1. The Blue-peutic kit
2. Soundscapes of Blue (Downloadable from the website)
3. The Poetics of Blue Book
4. The Sound of Blue Book (To be accompanied by sounds while reading)
5. Website
6. Posters
7. Blue Stickers
8. Customized Projection Blue lighted Table


This kit is a series of dedicated habits and practices that emerges as a possibility to serve as a reminder on the importance of taking time off from computer/electronic screens. It is to help you find and reclaim what is yours: a deeper and richer sense of joy, peace, connection and meaning in the midst of the busyness and demands of your everyday work, home and personal life. The colour psychology of blue calls to mind feelings of calmness or serenity. It is often described as peaceful, tranquil, secure and orderly. The instructions in this kit is designed to be simple, practical and inviting fun. Through this kit, it hopes to create self-conciousness among individuals to be more mindful about separating work and personal time.Items in the kit:

1.The Blue Manac 
A daily dose of wonder. This Instructional book contains a series of activities and simple practices that are easy to accomplish at your convenience. All you need is to flip to a random page.

2. Knock Knock Chocolate 
Eating a few pieces of chocolate when you’re feeling on edge can help calm your nerves.

3. The Blue Monocle
Relax your eyes and make any hour the blue hour.

4. Spread the Blue Hour to a friend
Staring at a computer screen for too long causes eye strain. For the next three minutes write a short message behind this postcard and mail it to your best friend.

5. Handy Handband
While you are engrossed in your work, wear this blue band on your wrist to remember that every hour can be a blue hour.

7 8 _DSC0948

The Poetics of Blue
The Sound Of Blue accompanied by soundscapes.

Through the Porthole

As you walk on the sandy surfaces of the beach.
Sea violins are playing on the sand…
Curved bows of blue and white are flying over the pebbles,
attacking the chords-dark basses, glinting trebles.
Dimly and faint they croon, blue violins.
Waves of blue heat that wash midsummer sky;
Sea-violins that play along the sands
Listen to the soundscape here
Sound design collaboration with Jeremy Goh 
* Recommended listening on headphones and book. Mixed for binaural effect.
Blue Stickers to promote

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