STOP Campaign-Strike Off Poverty Housing

STOP Campaign – Strike Off Poverty
Client: Habitat For Humanity (Singapore)

The STOP project is a fundraising project initiated by the Habitat For Humanity (Singapore). Habitat For Humanity is a non profit Christian housing charity which aims to eliminate poverty-housing around the world. Striking off poverty is a huge task and we need all the help we can get! “Strike off poverty!”(STOP) is a project that came about from believing that ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things when given the proper motivation and tools. This initiative aims to encourage and engage volunteers to develop “do-it-yourself” fundraising projects, held during a specially selected day(e.g birthday, anniversary celebration, etc). It should be simple, affordable and most importantly, it should be customized to suit your schedule and requirements.

Brand Values
– Empathy
– Compassionate
– Modern

Logo Rationale

The new logo represents the awakening of global consciousness and fundraising to support worthy causes such as encouraging the sharing, solidarity, unity and all types of “actions” which goal is eradicating poverty-housing in its broadest sense-material, cultural, emotional, intellectual. The outline of the house represents poverty housing and provides a space for people to pen their thoughts. The hand motif represents the impoverished citizens reaching out to the house. It also speaks of craft and individuality from a group of young people coming together to start a project. Through these activities, it leaves an indelible handprint which reinforces the human values of a compassionate heart and spirit of enthusiasm.

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