An Ode to Synaesthesia

Crowbar Awards 2012 Silver (Editorial/Publication) Category
Experimental Publication 

An Ode to Synaesthesia” is a self-portrait in the context of a dictionary that explores a peculiar condition in which the senses get cross-wired. It is the product of a marriage between form and words that exist in my creative manifesto.

Synaesthesia;syn – “together”, aisthesis “sensation”. The experience of one sense is accompanied by the involuntary experience of one or more additional senses.

I am interested in the role of human senses in action that is evident in our daily lives. They are simply energy constructs within the human that allows us to see, hear, smell, taste and touch. Each sense collects information about the world and detects changes within the body. Each of us experiences the world differently and that is why our senses are imperative to us.

This book underlines the poetics of Synaesthesia through typography how synaesthesia is a window on the mind and brain, highlighting the amazing differences in the way people see the world as well as myself. As Synaesthesia is a multi sensory experience the idea of scanning and warping of text to create unsettled shapes is used to communicate the idea. Typography is overrun with vibrant repeats juxtaposing organic and geometric designs. Combining experimental scanning, graphic design and traditional craft generates a hyper sensory experience. Every word consists of an objective dictionary definition accompanied by a visual interpretation. Synesthetic experience ranges from seeing music as shapes, shape tasting, seeing with your ears etc. Aluminum foil packaging and nutrition facts are use as means to depict “taste” and “seeing” and evoke food such as chocolate bar.



  1. This work is remarkable. I would love to take a closer look. Is it on display anywhere? Is it part of an edition that one might purchase?

    • jollyumiko

      Thanks for the kind comments. Unfortunately, nope this work is not display anywhere. Its a one off project that I did for a school assignment.

  2. Maria

    I would love to buy it!

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